Permaculture ‘Zones’

People who know permaculture and related disciplines will laugh, but I can’t believe I am only now discovering the ‘permaculture zones’.

Essentially, you zone your land and the things you want instantly, fresh, and to interact with daily are closest, with the furthest zone being ‘wilderness’, where you might forage or seek inspiration. There are so many obvious parallels and examples – pacing layers, authority/influence, and the boundaries and mix of chaos and order, to take some of the most obvious. Very interesting and worth thinking about in some depth.

(And/but… isn’t it interesting that it’s so… structural?)

via Zoning | Permaculture Association

via Property Planning with Permaculture Zones | Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

via The Permaculture Research Institute

via Permaculture Zones – Growing Zones In A Permaculture Design

and one immediate example of using this as a template/metaphor/concept map:

via Design the regenerative city Using zones and sectors in an urban permaculture design