Maturana (1978) – Cognition – and ‘Enola Gaia’ – a website and a half

COGNITION Humberto R. Maturana A paper originally published in: Hejl, Peter M., Wolfram K. Köck, and Gerhard Roth (Eds.) Wahrnehmung und Kommunikation Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 1978, pp. 29-49.  

Maturana (1978b): Cognition

This from

And I *must* stop and observe how this website (apparently 2001-2011) from Randall Whitaker is *such* a classic of it’s time that either he just embraced it fully, or he was aiming for pastiche. I don’t know but he appears to be on LinkedIn so I will ask. Many things about this site will make your eyes widen but I believe that ‘a perfect specimine of its kind’ does apply.

Here (amongst perhaps the web’s largest collection of ‘I’m the guy’ ‘pinbacks’) is ‘the observer web: autopoeisis and enaction’:

And ‘encyclopedia autopoeitica’: