The Key to Radical Constructivism and the constructivist reference page

…talking of interestingly styled web pages, though this one is less extreme and run by the eminent Alexander Riegler, as is the journal Radical Constructivism, there’s a lot here…


The Key to Radical Constructivism

From W. Ross Ashby comes the famous Law of Requisite Variety which states that the variety of actions available to a control system must be at least as large as the variety of actions in the system to be controlled. Now, constructivism certainly comes in a huge variety of forms and versions. I felt challenged to get some grip on its sumptuousness — especially because people regularly ask me to provide some sort of overview. In fact they sometimes express their astonishment that what they considered a monolithic epistemology turns out to be a dappled one. I have to admit that also for me it took some time to recognize the jungle as such and some more time to find my way through it. Please find below a (certainly still crude) version of the requested guide. Suggestions and corrections are welcome.Refer to this pages as: Riegler, A. (2003) The Key to Radical Constructivism.

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