Rebel Wisdon: Embracing Complexity: Newsletter Edition 7

Have you ever heard such bollocks in your life?

Until the 1970s, General Systems Theory wouldn’t have found much substance in Lao’s warnings. If events and processes could be reduced to component parts, they held. Things occurred in linear stages of cause-and-effect. If you turned back the clock, things that happened after would, by necessity, become what happened before. And then complexity came along.


Anyway, here’s the newsletter with some good links

And here’s the event – ‘the state of sensemaking’, though they seem as ‘confused’ about the origins of sensemaking as about the origins of understanding complexity:

The State of Sensemaking will begin and end at the same time both days – starting at 3pm London time / 10am New York / 7am Los Angeles and ending at 9pm London / 4pm New York / 1pm Los Angeles. 

Sign up above to receive the full schedule and Zoom links, which will be released two days before the event begins. We encourage you to join from start to finish if you can, as the event hs been designed as a narrative journey.

The Experience 

The pandemic has added a level of life and death importance to our existing problems of discerning reliable information. We are lost in echo chambers, manipulated by narrative warfare and the hacking of our attention by the big tech platforms. The problem of sensemaking is right at the core of many of our issues. How can we begin to solve our problems if we can’t agree what they are, and have no shared sense of reality?

We need to learn how to make sense of this complex landscape so that we can have authentic, useful conversations with one another about the issues we’re facing. But making sense isn’t a skill we pick up and then apply – it’s an ongoing, dynamic process. That’s why we’ve designed this event as an immersive, participatory experience. It’s a place to find the others and have authentic conversations. A space to experiment with cutting-edge practices and cognitive tools that help us navigate the weirdness, danger and complexity of 2021.

Learn techniques drawn from the latest cognitive science with John Vervaeke. Zoom out and get a fresh perspective on post-pandemic culture with bestselling author Jamie Wheal. Learn game theory from former poker champion and scientist Liv Boeree. Hone your steelmanning skills with Sara Ness, develop your cultural intelligence with Greg Thomas. Drop into emergent dialogue with Pamela von Sabljar, practice psychedelic sensemaking with Alexander Beiner and get better at making sense of the media with David Fuller. 

The State of Sensemaking will include multiple breakouts and group discussions so you can meet other people from around the world interested in these skills, and tap into your own agency, creativity and mental flexibility to apply what you’re learning to your life.